Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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I came across lj_maintenance and am requesting to become a member of that community. It addresses many of the things about LJ that are still often times mysteries to me, and I'd love to be able to share things I've learned in the year and a half or so that I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the world of Livejournal. So pretty please? I'd love to have full access to post, read locked entries, make locked entries, and add it to my list of LJ specific communities I'm a part of: Hey! The more one can learn the more entertaining playing with computers (and any project I suppose) can be! Thank you in advance if you let me in!
Клевый баннер)
Мне б такой на сайт, а то фигня одна у вас там в качестве баннеров предлагается)
How do I go about joining lj_maintenance?
hey brad what's up? my name is kelly and i'm very new i just made my account yesterday and i don't really know anybody. so i was just sayin hi and i just wanted to get to know u a little better. well if u want to talk i guess u know where to reply me. wait that sounded weird!! u know where to find me.

anyway i can be a part of this community so i can read when and why lj might not be working
hey it's me again just sayin hi alirightey then love ya bye!
can you help do i put my own background on OldSysem1?
how do i delete my journal?
i was wondering if there is anyway possible to find out who is posting anonymous posts like with the ip thing or find out more information about someone like name address from a user?!
I was just in this community. I accidently removed myself. (doh)
Can I get back in? Thank-you.

I have a complaint regarding another livejournal user. Their screename is
Also Friend of:
(hidden) 1: _fucking_moron

Apparently they think it's cute to find misspelled words in other peoples' journals and disturb them by adding them to their friends list. I've asked this person twice to remove me from their friends list, but they won't do so. I don't think the way I spell things is anyone's interest other than my own, and I don't appreciate being disturbed with this bullshit. I am not sure there is anything you can do about this anyway, but I thought it was worth a try. I'll also be sending this same message to the customer service manager and system administrator for necessary further action.
I am sure I'm not the only one who's bothered by this person who obviously has a lot of time on their hands.
ya um i need help i got my backgroud off of rawlayouts but i just nedd help putting them on there
why cant i use rich text anymore!? i have a piad account i wil not renew it if you dont restore rich text immediately!!!!!!! i'm serious
yeah rich text isn't working for me either!!! i dont think they know about it.

Re: wtf!


14 years ago

Hello! I'm Kate. But my English is very bad. And I don't understand something. My LJ is 2 or 3 days. What are you doing hear? And how I can use it?
Help me, please...
Привет! Похоже ты разобралась? Тебе нужно добавить свои интересы в инфе о тебе и пойти по ним - глядишь друзей себе заведешь, или вступи в сообщества по интересам - читай, комментируй и пиши сама. Это интересно, но отнимает много времени, - если нет живого общения(не хватает по ряду причин) то это лучшее, что можно себе представить. Дерзай ;)

Re: Hello!


14 years ago

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