Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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Are you guys affiliated with
that is sad you are sad kill yourself you sad faggot
hello im new at this and im concerned about you guys if there is anything i can help you with please email me at and ill try to help anyway i can
Hey there,

I was interested in joining lj_maintenance, but they forwarded me to you saying that it's closed to new members what now... ?
а на русском можно писать? вы меня можете прочитать?
скажите пожалуйста, почему мне никто не пишет и коментов не оставляет?
даже уже обииидно как-то!
люди! куда все пропали?!
my account, toytle has recently been suspended and I don't know why

I would like to correct this matter so this account can be used again and to ensure I will not get suspended again

Let me know if I have to contact someone else regarding this, thanks

Heather aka or should I say formerly, toytle
One of my closest friends were being harrassed by an 'anonymous' person complaining and saying that they were an admin of this site, basiclly, and telling her to her remove her LJ from this site.

I had told them LJ is a site for people to put their feelings down, like poetry, how their day went, or how life sucks..*shrug* But I do not appreciate that people like this retard telling my friend to take down her LJ, or it will be deleted.

I've had to take care of these kind of people ever since I learned how to type..and their quite annoying. If an admin would have REALLY wanted it off, they would have deleted it themself..

Here is the link to her LJ comments:

I really love LJ, its a great site! I dont want to see people like this dumb s*** telling other people what to do..Im just reporting it because it was really bothering me..and I hate people like that ;)

Anyways, thanks for your time and I hope to here from you.

-Brittany (by the way I ♥ LJ!)
Hi. I'm a bit confused, just been trying to join livejournal. Did it last night in a bit of a hurry but got online preasance as dougiedoll 5I know, I know, what can I tell you it's my girlfriend's nickname for me). Anyway, I logged on today trying to fill in bio/interests page and I'm getting nowhere. I keep getting referred back to you. Can you help? Obviously I'm doing soomething wrong. I am at your mercy sir.

My nale's Douglas Milton, I'm a Scotsman living in Paris, I was referred to livejournal by one of your fellow contributors bksncleverness who I know in RL and who rules. I'd really like to get my page up and running, so, if you can help...

Best wishes DM
hey i'm kelly and right now i'm just tryin to make a couple of friends so hey
Hi, first, thank you for making LJ happen, great idea! Could you please forgive me for posting here, but I'm going to try every avenue to get feedback on this idea, I think you could help somehow. LJ is such a powerful tool.

New York, wherever you live, call your local news channel(s) and tell everyone, YOU WANT YOUR CITY TO ADOPT NEW ORLEANS.

Doing this will generate a solid response from the media. If one station receives two calls with an idea they like, (and one that they know people will respond to over a long period of time) they're pretty likely to do it. But if 50 stations receive 500 calls from cities all over demanding to adopt New Orleans, and other places in the region, we could generate a large, well organized PLAN FOR RELIEF.

The more cities to 'officially adopt' other cities, the sooner we can 'Match Up' or 'Connect' each town or city in Gulf Region with one somewhere else, thus making organizing and relief easier. For example, once a comprehensive list is made of the affected towns and cities (including stats on the damage done, their populations and needs), the sooner these areas can be 'assigned' to be aided by another comparably sized (or not, it doesn't matter I guess) town/city. I am working to get SAN FRANCISCO to adopt New Orleans. Cities like New York and Chicago or whatever should join, and then other places like Biloxi would be matched up with 'somewhere' and so on.

The Red Cross in one city could coordinate with the Red Cross in its Sister City and so on. Walmart with Walmart, church group with church group. This will unite groups that are currently working seperately but toward a common goal.

As publicity for the idea generates, people can go to [internet sites] to track the progress being made. These sites could host a place where media, musicians, non-profits, churches, businesses, and private citizens can list what it is they have to donate, and for how long. (ex. "Hi, I'm sistawife and I am a DJ. I have a website I can offer as a meeting place for people interested in this idea, and I can offer 100% of my time to this effort. There, it's that easy. )

So, call your local news. Do it today. I promise you, this idea CAN & WILL work... (sort of like the idea behind PAY IT FORWARD)

As we speak, I am contacting musician friends who are lending their support. Can anyone offer venue information in different cities to potentially generate a concert tour? Does anyone have a recording studio they can donate for a couple of hours? Do you make t-shirts and want to help spread the word? Please, if you have something to offer, a blanket, an encouraging story, ANYTHING AT ALL, visit my website and let me know. Call your local news and ask them to help your town 'adopt' a SISTER CITY IN THE GULF COAST REGION. But don't do nothing. This is our chance to show the world how we can set our differences aside in order to lend a hand. Thanks in advance...

eXtremely X-Posted!!!
How do I actually CONTACT livejournal without having to post a FAQ where it is ignored + forgotten? Anyway. Heres my rant.

Thought the problem summary might attract more attention like that considering its technincally true.

First point I'm going to direct your attention to:

1. Its all easy enough to upgrade the bloody account with links all over the shop BUT to actually contact some staff at livejournal to voice a complaint? Ohnono. Albiet the FAQ which give no information whatsoever on the topic which I wish to point out:

But when did LJ become such a SELLOUT?
When it joined the co-operation thats when :]

This enragement began when I decided on creating a new account :]

I searched in the username bar for my desired-username-to-be which was 'shinydiscoballs'
and to my luck, it wasn't a livejournal account, it had been purged and deleted? So basically there are no traces of any interaction of this previous user on LJ as all the information regarding it was deleted. So MOST people would assume that the username would be valid? Avaliable to use?

BUT OHNO. Thats when 'LJ MONEYBAGS' strikes again! I have to pay for a USERNAME TOKEN AT $15?

Isn't it the same process of creating a new account regardless if it was used before?

I would appeciate some explaination on this topic and WHY $15 is needed to use a username which had been previously used but DELETED.

I can understand charging for Paid Accounts due to the extra features but this is ridiculious.
hey my name is kelly and right now i'm just trying to make a couple of friends so hi!
Have you ever thought about a LJ convention??? I know a lot of people who would definitely go. ... You should think about it if you haven't already.


Your loyal lj user,
hey my name is kelly and i'm new to lj and i'm just trying to make a couple of friends so hi!!
you're cute
I just wanted to extend my appreciation for creating such a cool place to pour out random thoughts. I have met many of nice people since I started an account with LJ and have recently become a paid member. Keep up the good work and tell your crew I said thanks as well.
Why would people want to keep their posts private when they post on community sites. I want everybody to read what I've to say. Live journal says it has 8,000,000 members. But I've created my journal. It does not seem to have been visited by 8 members. Let alone 8,000,000 members. I don't work to create a post so that my friends will read it. I don't have 8 Million friends. I've important things to say about web surfing and I know the 8 Million people who visit the Live Journal sits surf on the Internet.

So here is the address of my live Journal Site.

and here is the address of my blog:

Let us see some proof that Live Journal has 6 Million Members. Let us see how many members visit my kive Journal and my Blog. My blog has a site meter. It will show how many people visited my site. It also has google advertisers. When people make impressions on those ads Google will tell me how many people did it.

So people don't be afraid showing that you visited my live journal and my blog.

What else I can Say?

And here
Hey, I am so stumped on how to change my background to something I want... If you could help me, I want it to look like pink with black stars... here is some stuff i copied and pasted from one person's lj, i want mine to look like this... can you help me?

here it is and i dont know what it means...i dont even know where to start when customizing my journal...HELP ME!

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