Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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*chuckles* ingenius, i bet you could take over the world with an ethernet cable >=)
let me join the lj_maintenance community. I don't want to do anything, i just want to be a member.
hey how old are you
hi there.. i was wondering if there was anyway to completly block someone from reading my journal when itz public private of friends?
wanna join lj_maintenance
Hi Brad,

Sorry for offtopic, had no other means of contacting you. Anyway, since I've been with LJ for ~5 years, perhpas I have enough "seniority" to write to the big guy.

Perhaps you've already heard about all the crap that's happening with the Russian community (people being suspended, people leaving). Perhaps you can still do something about it.

The abuse team has been a little overzealous about enforsing the laws of the state of California and LJ's TOC. The result was partial destruction of the Russian community (some of the best authors leaving due to suspention and some of the best authors leaving due to principles of not participating in cencored communities).

What is LJ team trying to accomplish by policing the community? I simply don't see the point. You are not threatened with any legal action. Moreover, no legal action would seem possible with those "controversial" posts.

In over four years of using LJ and over eleven years of using and designing for the Internet, I have never run into situations where I would find myself benefiting from a cybercop, and the part of the Russian community that matters feels the same. People who grew up or lived during the time of the Soivet Union remember well issues we had with freedom of speech. Therefore we have a very hard time tolerating neo-censorship of neo-cyber-KGB.

In my opinion, the LJ community has been well self-regulating. Any policing action leads to the destruction of the Russian community and will always be taken with hostility by its members. Some of the best authors have already left LJ in disgust (i.e. dimkin).

When people with any amount of dignity face sensorship, they leave. When you treat adults like children ("play by the rules" or else), they leave. If nothing changes, many will have no other choice but to leave and rebuild the community elsewhere (this is happening as we speak).

Moreover, policing not only has done damage to the community but also produced more pointless work for the abuse team (in dealing with flash mobs, etc.). Why not concentrate on real problems such as spam?

It took us years and much energy to build the LJ community and it seems the AT is destroying it just because it can.

I would like to ask you to undo the damage and restore the suspended journals (aculeata, tiphareth and anyone else who was part of that little protest). Keeping them suspended looks like an attempt to play a tough cop, which in this context seems pointless.

Hi. i know you are in lj-team, sorry for this offtopic, i just need you help.
Today my girlfriend wrote:


Help! someone deleted my lj account.
firs of all malefactor changed my e-mail password.
then lj password.
erlier i used adress for lj. after that for sometime i used and last month i returned to
so first of all i tryed to know changed password. i made a request to send it to me to and i received new password.
so then i logged to lj. and change there e-mail adress and password to MINE NEW.
but, i guess, inspite this, someone could make request about my new password to old adress at (there was changed everithing and i coul not login), so they received all the info.

and for this moment my lj account is deleted. someone sloled my lj. and all this because i have no access to my old mail at

so HELP ME PLEASE to rearrange all this stuff... i want my journal back


Thank you for any information what to do.
I don't know where to ask, the question is, is there any limitations on quantity of banned users in livejournal?
all i want to do is learn more about live journal so i wanted to join the lj maintinence thing but i cant :(
I'm working on developing a website that would make it possible to update to all the common (and some uncommon) journal websites and I have a question for you, if you could get back with me via e-mail I would appresiate it. my email is in my user info.
i would like to join lj maintence
I thought you might get a kick out of this. I wrote the "prayer" and the visual stimulation by gloomcookie613.

need help:
one journal was captured... how this problem can be solved?
this is a journal of one priest

thank you

p.s. great thanks for LG :)
How do I add Lj maintence to my friends list in case I need some help that you.
Mr. Fitzpatrick, please look at Support Request #485121

This is seriously lame. The icon in question is not offensive enough to warrant suspension. In fact, I believe that it has serious artistic merit and it effectively communicates the nature of sneak's personality in a way few things are capable of. Would LJ Abuse ban someone for having a depiction of nudity in classic art as well? Jeffrey Paul is one of the best and the brightest people I have met on Livejournal. As a good man and an excellent programmer, his existence here was an asset to your service. His suspension is a complete travesty.

In the past I've always sided with LJ abuse on most of the matters where people have said they've been out of line. I feel that this specific case marks a critical point at which the power of the LJ Abuse team needs to be limited. Rahaeli has come off looking like a fundie that states the Venus de Milo is obscene and destructive to the psyches of children. Perhaps a system could be implemented for cases to be reviewed by the LJ public at large?

As a longtime user of livejournal and a permanent account holder, I'd appreciate at least some sort of review of this whole deal.

I hope this is a joke coming from you.
hi. i'm sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you can help me turn this username into a community, because i accidently messed up... and i don't know who to ask, but you. thanks..
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