Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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Barakb says that if we want to find out how LJ is going to change the policies/TOS, then we need to watch <lj user='lj_biz">. But how do you join that community? Thx. M.

Suspended comment

thank you for this beautiful idea and for this beautiful service (livejournal at all). it makes a lot of people happier. and be happy as millions of people who happy because of they like it!!!
Excuse the Liberty.
But I feel I need to bring to your attention a proposed change.
I mean the addition of a "report abuse" button to the bottom of every page.

I understand the intentions behind this. But I fear that the developers have not thought through the social consequences of this. It will be subject to abuse itself, and be used to threaten censorship by, well, any troll or fundamentalist with an agenda.

I know the usual platitude is that if one has done nothing wrong, one has nothing to fear. But there is another phrase one can use here: The Tyranny of the Majority.

One has to ask. For who's benefit is Live Journal being run?
Because if it's meant to be a service for us users, perhaps it would be nice if someone at 6apart had asked us before making changes.
Why is LJ removing people for art of fictional characters?

Does LJ intend to continue its unwritten policy of unappealable bans for little to no good reason?

Can I get my money back if that is the case?
Pardon me for my foolishness in thinking for a moment that you would ever regret selling LJ. You sold it for a premium while things were good, got paid, and now are jumping ship at the site's lowest moment.

You're not a caring creator, you're a frat boy. Enjoy your success while you can, because karma is a bitch.

love, lore
are you fucking serious? Grow up already. You would probably do the same if you were him. If it wasn't for the creator of fucking LIVEJOURNAL you wouldn't be able to even have one or enjoy all the lovely perks that come along with it.

В мой адрес на вашем ресурсе поступили угрозы моей жизни. Предлагаю не доводить дело до прокуратуры (суда) и прошу разобраться в этой ситуации силами работников ваших компаний. Мне не нравится, что на вашем ресурсе ваши же работники могут безнаказанно угрожать моей жизни.

Скриншот с угрозами моей жизни:



In my address on your resource threats of my life have arrived. I suggest not to lead up business to Offices of Public Prosecutor (vessels) and I ask to understand this situation forces of workers of your companies. It is not pleasant to me, that on your resource your workers can threaten my life with impunity.

Screenshot with threats of my life:

brad, what do you think about this new statistic records?
приятно войти в историю

Deleted comment

Didn't want to spam this in your personal account, but thought you might get a kick out of it:

lj-user brad/lj-user jameth slash fiction

I'm pretty sure that sound you just heard was the Internet exploding into tiny pieces.
это должно войти в историю: ты сказочная
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