Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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кажись перванах)))
ибонехуй гггг
Brad, why your developers is a BIG DUMMIES?

About bug with playing any flash through youtube. LJ fixed it, but without www in url bug works.

hi. i just signed up today bc i received a nasty text msg from another member here and he has informed me that someone posted my number up and is saying nasty things about me. well all the info i have right now is that this persons name is charlie about 27 years old and is a wrestler (pro) and something about being in the "indy scene" how do i search people to find out who this person is? im trying to get more info out of the person who text me but he seems to be a big fan of this guy and wont tell me his username. hoping i figure out how to read ur response is there anyway you can help me if i do happen to get a username?

please email me on my yahoo account so that i can get to the bottom of this...

thank you.
Please may I join this community.

May I join this community, too ?
I want to get naked and wrap myself in that banner.
hi there! um im new here. um. so urm.... oh yeah!! Hi if I didn't already say it!! this place seems pretty cool!!
haha thats kool sounds like fun.
hey there
I made an LJ colorbar a while back. Left it in some other guy's LJ thinking he was you. lol If you want to post this for mass use anywhere, a credit to meridjet (my main account) at the main posted location is all I care about.

What's the new LJ logo about? A ship?
Now I see the info pages are now complete with pirate speak... :S
can you give me an e-mail to contact you. I have a question that needs to be dealt with off site. Thanks. You can look at my profile to get my e-mail. I sure do appreciate it..
LOL LJ dude is kinda cute.
My friends and I were giggling and betting he was a 40-something MR. Rogers type reminiscent of my old manager at Home Town Buffet
when you sent the post for the news update, at the bottom there was a link to upgrade to plus or paid account.
showing on the link were new livejournal styles and i was wondering how in the world i can get them.
please tell me how. im so confused.
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