Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Foobar fun

Every Friday night is "foo-bar", an employee-sponsored bar/party. Tonight we climbed on ladders and strung up a LiveJournal banner over the LJ area... with ethernet cable.

Pic courtesy whitaker:

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Ctrl → Alt → is a pro-eating-disorder site leading suicidal girls to an early grave. Please investigate/erase/freeze this evil account, make their lives miserable, and/or contact the FBI immediately:

Rev. Thomas S. Painter (R)
Don't get me wrong I love live journal, but I have a problem with an ex stalking me and I thought my account was deleted months ago because I tried to delete it and thought it was successful, but apparently it was only "frozen" or "locked" I need this account and all information including diary entries deleted so that I don't have a serious stalker problem. Just let me know what to do so I can make a new account with a totally different name without having to worry about what is still lingering out there. Thanks
Mr. Phitzpatrik,

Plz, mount favicon.ico () to new lj urls notation kind

It is invisible in my Maxthon browser sheets.

can i join changelog pleaseee?
oh and since you are the creator of lj
i just wanted to say..

i like you so much better than tom from myspace
and livejournal is 2973827x better than myspace ♥
If the account of a person who started a community has been deleted and purged.. however, soemone else would like control of the community now... would htat be possible to pass it on to them without having to redo it?! I am just curious... if you can't answer... please show me on to who can!
where the fuk is my meories page!!!!!!!!!!!
When I set "remember me" flag and try to enter my journal, system tries to set cookie into my browser by URL. Like "LJ+loves+you" and so on. The problem is my proxy server doesn't allows such words (like "love") in URLs :)) Can you change it please?? I think a lot of users have such a problem. Thanx
Hey there!

So I was thinking... and wanted to bounce an idea off of someone who actually works with Livejournal...

Imagine a service, that people would obviously pay for... to have all their entries and comments backed up, or in a hard copy format like a binder. burned to a cd, even... -for their own records, in case it (the journal) were accidentally destroyed... I'm sure Livejournal could make some money off of that...

may i join the communitiy
im sorry brad to post in your journal about this but, somehow my account got deleted and everything got deleted with it, i lost all my friends, userinfo, icons, etc. i was wondering if this problem could be fixed or find out what happend

hey i looked at ur profile and u seem pretty cool
email me at
Um, did Byrne introduce that? (Byrne Reese.) He and I used to do it together at Snap/NBCi/GrandCentral.

Hee hee, Byrne.
hi you can e-mail me at ok ttly bye
Finally... a practical use for ethernet cable. :-P
funny lol
can I joing the community? For some reason I didn't join when I signed up.
Delete all members and communities that glamourize eating disorders!
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